What Radio Used To Be

The Music of KB Radio
Classic Rock

The shows have changed a bit, but the music hasn't.

Specialty shows of course focus on specific era's and types

and the rest of the time we strive to play great music

that would appeal to many people.

With the move to 24 hrs we have expanded greatly

the amount of indie music we play.


I am very proud of the music mix KB Radio provides.

We play indie music all day mixed in with the mainstream tunes. Regular listeners get to know the music by hearing it frequently.

This page will attempt to point you at some of the

great indie music performers you hear on

KB Radio.

I encourage you to check out their webpages, music pages, etc. and

if you like what you hear, buy their music.

Who knows, you may just buy the first recording of the next

great music superstar or band.

(Pictures in no specific order)


Indie Music Shows

PR Firms

Past shows are available on the Soundcloud website or as podcasts.

If you just want the RSS Feed to enter yourself, here you go:


All music submissions should be sent to live@kbradio.ca via attachment or link. However, KB Radio does not play Rap Music. KB

has also changed formats and is no longer playing country music.

All other comments etc use the box on this page.

Thank you