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KB Radio is different than most internet radio stations in that we play Indie music mixed in 24 hours a day with the mainstreammusic that we play.  Now since we started doing that I have seen other stations that have started using the same  format and

style of music rotation.  As we recieve new music on a daily basis we add new music weekly, and I thought it was time to start listing all the artists we are playing. However I have honestly discovered the effort required to keep this list up to date is more than I can handle with everything else at this time.  Submit your music to

Are moving to Soundcloud.  Watch for all interview to load there over the coming days.

We attempt to present a new interview every Wednesday night on our Indie music Show.  Listed below on the calendar are shows and scheduled interviews as of right now.  We have a great deal of other interviews planned without set air dates yet.  Watch here for frequent updates for your favorite artists.

The following list is the Indie Artists & Groups that were played on KB Radio since 2017.

Check the links below to submit music.

(p.s. I had Hoped to slowly add artist links as well, but there are just too many)


All music submissions should be sent to via attachment or link. However, KB Radio does not play Rap Music.  KB

Country Radio is your station for country music.

All music to the same email and all other comments etc use the box on this page.

Thank you