What Radio Used To Be

So who is KB Radio? KB radio is my simple idea, what started as a way to say that current radio sucks, so here is an alternative. Sounds great, doesn't it? That may have been what was in my head, but when I did the first broadcast New Years Eve 2015 with 7 listeners, it wasn't realistic. It was just an idea, and in the music business, getting anything new off the ground can be like floating a brick. But only 11 months later, and more than 12,000 listeners, it has developed a life of its own. Officially December 9, 2016 we went 24 hrs a day with a new streaming service. Thats part of the mechanics of it anyway. What is KB radio? It is me, Al Yardy, taking care of things. In the future, I will likely need to hire staff, but one leap at a time. I enjoy all aspects of this industry. I went to school, professionaly trained in Canada for 2 years in the best broadcasting course in the country at Fanshawe College. If you email and I am a bit slow responding, don't worry I will get to you, but like I said, I do it on my own. I look forward to going through new music every day, reading emails and preparing for future shows. So if you are new to KB Radio, than thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you are returning, thank you as well. Where will KB Radio or I be next year at this time? Who knows, but the ride is just beginning and only you can decide if you want to come along for the ride or not. To all those artists sending music, thank you so much. There is so much talent out there and I am thrilled to be able to present some of it to my listeners around the world. Cheers ay

70's Show Mondays 8PM EDT .. Indie Music Show Wednesdays 8PM EDT . .80's Show Thursdays 8PM EDT .. All Request Show Fridays 8PM EDT .. Classic Rock Show Saturdays 8PM EDT

The Guy behind the Microphone

Al Yardy


Before the days of IPODs, MP3 player, etc. there were only a couple options for listening to music. So when people got together on a Friday or Saturday night, at a house party or gathering, often it was just the local radio station with the DJ spinning the records. There were few commercials, and it was usually the perfect mix of background music that everyone enjoyed and listened to.Thats what KB Radio's goal is. Put us on, and let it play. Great music and hopefully entertaining.