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About KB Radio and the family of stations


Well the start of KB Radio goes back to just 2016, but my start in radio goes back to long before that.  I got in broadcast college in 1985, and spent two years and Fanshawe College studying broadcasting and all aspects of the industry in one of the top rated broadcast schools in North America.  That is no bullshit either.  It covers everything, from on-air to production, writing, traffic, operations and includes now the operation of 3 stations a full time fully licensed 24 hr FM station, a college station plus a streaming station.

In 2016 after being away for awhile, I was retired since 2013, yes young at age 48, and had considered going back to radio, but despised the way corporations ran stations anymore.  I won't bother to get into my thoughts on that because needless to say, anyone who is a fan of radio, knows just how shitty it is compared to the way it was not so long ago. 

I decided that I was not going back to try and work for some corporation, and not in those circumstances so maybe I would try a podcast.  I started playing with podcasts, some music and some ideas in late 2016.  I did my first official live podcast, December 31, 2016 counting down the new year with 3 listeners.

KB Radio initially was a 3 hour podcast, live 5 nights a week.  Each night was different.  One night indie, one night country, one night 70's etc.  By August of that same year I had 25,000 listeners. 

It was than I decided to go to a 24 hr station and really give this a try.  I made the switch and began operation, running the pop mix Monday to Friday, and Country music on the weekends.  It was incredibly successful and also in many ways a problem.  Every Friday at midnight all the pop fans would disappear and the country music fans would come back over the weekend.  Come Monday morning the Country fans would disappear and the others would start to come back.  It was a teeter totter, a huge amount of work to change every 5 days, and thus KB Country Radio, full time 24 hrs was born.

Here we are, almost to 2019, after what has been a very long and difficult 2018 in many ways, and I can't wait for the new year to begin.  Two more stations coming online, live shows returning and hopefully a breath of fresh air.  Family issues still linger, but I pray each day for just one more day, and the great music I get from Indie artists certainly helps get through a lot of days.

So if you are new to KB Radio, or KB Country Radio, welcome aboard.  I have been blessed with some of the best listeners in the world.  I have had listeners from almost every single country on the planet, and work with an open door policy, treating people the way I want to be treated.  Politely, fairly and with respect.

I look forward to meeting new people every day, and saying hi.  Remember for the most part, this is a one man operation from a converted room at home.  So if I am slow some days, be patient.

Drop a line and say hi...I don't bite.......    hard