Update July 8th, 2018

The Harassment continues, I have yet to be able to reach out to very many people at all. Sadly the stress is taking its toll on friendships.

Just so you know and are aware, both stations remain streaming.

There are no shows and will be no shows. But the music is there, and has been there.

The apps work, but nothing posts to Twitter, both accounts are deactivated. I have deactivated

all KB accounts etc in an attempt to stop the messages, but that didnt help.

The email for KB Country Radio is no longer monitored or used, the Twitter is deactivated also, and the webpage is no longer active as well. The association between KB and Veronica Phillips has ended. I thank her for her work, but since the stations no longer exist, in essence, there is no longer a need for assistance.


You can find the streams on ITunes etc, and both station players are at the bottom of this page.

For those friends of mine in music that I may have hurt by my disappearance, I apologize.

Since I began the podcast with KB Radio and than the full 24 hour station it has been only my desire to bring back good radio and provide a place to go to hear great music and have a little fun from time to time with my live shows. Over the past year on a number of occasions as seems to be the case in society in general some people seem to feel it is there place to be a pain in the ass, with things like harrassment, threats and more. Prior to my break from live show I had one fan from the US feel it was their right to track down my home address and come visit me. While another inidvidual who was pissed off at me about another matter, posted threats on Facebook and Twitter including my name and other personal details. This same individual emailed a death threat, which I more or less laughed off. He seems to be a bipolar lunatic who denied sending, though the IP address showing where it came from proves otherwise, and words are just words. Plus in the end it would cause more harm to others than good. I have never kept my name private, and have never felt the need. I have always believed honesty is the best policy, but there is a limit to how much is available through my radio and what remains my private life.


When I took a break from live shows it was due to family health issues involving my parents, but there had been a growing amount of harrassment again for some reason, and I was doing my best to ignore it but it was a nuisance. Since my return, that has escalated, I have had threats against me personally again, another person has taken to posting personal information about me online, and I am at a total loss as to who or why it is happening. But it has taken every bit of fun out of KB Radio and music that I had, and combined with other pressures, it peaked the other day.


I love working with the Indie Artists, the listeners and everyone in the music industry. But to be honest right now, I don't even know where all of this crap is coming from or why, one person or many, from amongst that group or outside. Please let it not be among the people I thought were friends.

So I have closed everything. Plus everything, all systems, emails etc, including going back more than a year to the original threat and Facebook post have all been turned over to the Police for investigation.


What happens next?

Who knows?

Will KB ever return?

To be honest the way i feel right now, you don't want me to answer. I'm pretty disgusted with things.

There are a great many people that I will try to reach out to. You know who you are, you mean the world to me.


As is so often the case, the few spoil for the many.